An Event of Interpretation: Me n delssohns’ double concerto with Lena Neudauer and Matthias Kirschnereit

October 2016 –  with the South-West German chamber orchestra under Timo Handschuh, Lena Neudauer and Matthias Kirchnereit excited in Pforzheim and Lippstadt. The newspaper celebrated the concert as  a “relished event of interpretation” (Lippstädter Zeitung, 10 / 10 / 2016).

April 2018, they will be guests in Leer with the following  program me :

F.Mendelssohn: Symphony N o . 2 D-Minor for Strings
F.Schubert: Rondo A-Major for Violin and String Orchestra D 438
W.A.Mozart:  Concerto  for Piano and Orchestra A-Major KV 414
F.Mendelssohn:  Concerto  D-Minor for Violin, Piano and  String  Orchestra

Lena Neudauer under Marcus Bosch

October 2016 – With Prokofjew’s violin concerto  No .1, Lenau Neudauer excited  spectators, conductor and orchestra alike. “The breathtaking perfection playing with the agreeably humble seeming soloist” and the “feelable band between all involved” made the evening a wonderful concert experience. “With gripping emotions”, Lena Neudauer finished her encore with the violonin solo sonata No. 2 by Eugène Ysaye (Heidenheimer Zeitung, 18 / 10 / 2016).

Stuttgart chamber orchestra and Alexandra Conunova on tour

October 2016 – On the 12th of October, Alexandra Conunova presented Peteris Vasks’ “Vox Amoris” under Matthias Foremny in Bayreuth. Contemporary music with great tension and rich sounds. An immaculate sound of “almost glass like transparancy” and “lyrical melody” were the verdicts of the press about the young soloist. (Nordbayerische Kurier, 14 / 10 / 2016).

In April and May 2017 the Stuttgart chamber choir and Alexandra Conunova will continue their succesful cooperation with concerts in Donaueschingen, Lünen and Broken:

CPE Bach Hamburg  Symphony  No . 2
Peteris Vasks: Vox amoris
Mozart symphony A-Major KV 201

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