An Event of Interpretation: Me n delssohns’ double concerto with Lena Neudauer and Matthias Kirschnereit

October 2016 –  with the South-West German chamber orchestra under Timo Handschuh, Lena Neudauer and Matthias Kirchnereit excited in Pforzheim and Lippstadt. The newspaper celebrated the concert as  a “relished event of interpretation” (Lippstädter Zeitung, 10 / 10 / 2016).

April 2018, they will be guests in Leer with the following  program me :

F.Mendelssohn: Symphony N o . 2 D-Minor for Strings
F.Schubert: Rondo A-Major for Violin and String Orchestra D 438
W.A.Mozart:  Concerto  for Piano and Orchestra A-Major KV 414
F.Mendelssohn:  Concerto  D-Minor for Violin, Piano and  String  Orchestra