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LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN Sonata F-minor op.2n1
Sonata C-major op.2n3
Sonata E-flat major op.7
Sonata C-minor op.10n1
Sonata F-major op.10n2
Sonata D-major op.10n3
Sonata E-flat major op.27n1
Sonata D-major op.28 “Pastorale”
Sonata D-minor op.31 “Tempest”
Sonata C-major op.53 “Waldstein”
Sonata F-minor op.57 “Appassionata”
Sonata F-sharp major op.78
Sonata E-minor op.90
Sonata A-flat major op.110
Sonata E-major op.109
J. BRAHMS Variations on the them by Paganini op.35 books I&II
Balladen op.10
Rhapsodies op.79
Sonata F sharp minor op. 2
Sonata F minor op.5
Fantasien op.116
Stucke op.117
Stucke op.118
Stucke op.119
F. CHOPIN Ballade G-Minor Op.23
Ballade F-Major Op.38
Ballade E-Flat Major Op.47
Ballade F-Minor
Scherzo B-Minor Op.20
Scherzo B-Flat Minor Op.31
Scherzo C-Sharp Minor 39
Scherzo E-Major
Nocturnes Op.9
Nocturnes Op.15
Mazurkas Op.17
24 Preludes Op.28
Impromptu A-Flat Major Op.29
Impromptu F-Sharp Major Op.36
Impromptu G-Flat Major Op.51
Fantasie-Impromptu C-Sharp Minor Op.Posth 66
12 Etudes Op.10
12 Etudes Op.25
Sonata B-Flat Minor Op.35
Sonata B-Minor Op.58
Polonaise-Fantaisie A-Flat Major Op.61
Andante Spianato And Polonaise Brillante Op.22
Fantasia F-Minor Op.49
JOSEPH HAYDN Sonata E-minor HOB XVI/34
Sonata E-flat major HOB XVI/52
Sonata F-major HOB XVI/29
Sonata E-major HOB XVI/31
Sonata C-minor HOB XVI/20
Sonata C-major HOB XVI/49
Sonata D-major HOB XVI/37
Sonata B-minor HOB XVI/32
Sonata C-major HOB XVI/50
Sonata Andante with variations in F-minor HOB XVII/6
FELIX MENDELSSOHN Variations Serieuses D-minor op.54
W.A. MOZART Sonata D-major K311
Sonata D-major K576
Sonata B-flat major K333
Sonata A-minor K310
Sonata C-minor K457
Fantasia C-minor K475
M.P. MUSSORGSKY Pictures at an Exhibition
S.V. RACHMANINOFF Moments-Musicales op.16
Etudes-Tableaux op.33
Etudes-Tableaux op.39
Sonata B flat minor op.36
Variations on the theme by Corelli op.42F.
SCHUBERT Impromptus op.90
Sonata A major D664
Sonata A minor op.142
Sonata A minor D537
Sonata A minor op.42
Sonata C minor D958
R. SCHUMANN ABEGG Variations op.1
Arabesque op.18
Waldszenen op.82
Carnaval op.9
Faschingsschwank aus Wien op.26
Sonata G minor op.22
Sonata F sharp minor op.11
Fantasieschtucke op.12
Fantasia C major op.17
A.N. SCRIABIN  Sonata n1
Sonata quasi una fantasia n2
Sonata n5
P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY  “The Seasons” op.37 bis


LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN Concerto C-major op.15
Concerto B-flat major op.19
Concerto C-minor op.37
Concerto G-major op.58
Concerto E-flat major op.73 “Emperor”
J. BRAHMS Concerto D-minor op.11
Concerto B flat major op.83
F. CHOPIN Concerto E-minor op.11
Concerto F-minor op.21
JOSEPH HAYDN Concerto for piano and orchestra in D-major HOB XVIII/11
F. LISZT Concerto A-major S.125
W.A. MOZART Concerto F-major K413
Concerto E-flat major K449
Concerto C-major K467
Concerto D-minor k466
Concerto C-minor K491
Concerto A-major K488
S.S. PROKOFIEFF Concerto n1 D-flat major op.10
Concerto n 3 C-major op.26
Concerto n 1 C-major op.35
Concerto n 2 F-major op.102
S.V. RACHMANINOFF Concerto n 2 C-minor op.18
Concerto n3 D-minor op.30
RHAPSODY on the theme by Paganini op.43
R. SCHUMANN Concerto A-minor op.54
P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY Concerto B-flat minor op.23