As an artists agency gerber | artists strives not only to manage and to support, but also to be a partner for each artists, helping them find their own way to realize their artistic vision.

In this, I was shaped and inspired by people such as Rolf Sudbrack and Sebastian Nordmann, as well as thourgh the work I did with Astrid Schoerke. They opened my eyes to what means to be a professional agent and inspired me to fulfil my passion for music.


Mirjam Gerber:

  • Musicology, Cultural Science and Economics in Leipzig and Rome
  • Doctoral Thesis “Between Salon and Musical Togetherness. Livia Frege, Henriette Voigt and the Leipzigs gentrified musical life“ (Olms-Verlag, print pending)
  • Work history: Bachfest Leipzig, University of Leipzig, Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Künstlersekretariat Astrid Schoerke
  • Independent artists’ agent since 2014
  • Managing the college symphony orchestra of Leipzig since 2015



Radu Lupu
Till Fellner
Francesco Piemontesi
Heinrich Schiff
Gustav Rivinius
Julian Steckel
Trio Jean Paul
Reinhold Friedrich
Marie-Luise Neunecker
Bachfest Leipzig
Künstlersekretariat Astrid Schoerke
Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Solon Managment Consulting
Klassikforum Sauerland e.V.
DTKV Sachsen